Support a Survey Manager

Earn points for a Survey Manager and help his or her study climb up the Survey Ranking. This will lead to more people participating in the study and to more meaningful research results. Very convenient: You don't need a user account to support a Survey Manager.

This is how it works:
  1. Select the Survey Manager you want to support.
  2. Choose a nickname.
  3. Participate in surveys from the Survey Ranking. Look for the Survey Code at the end of each questionnaire.
  4. Copy the Survey Code and redeem it on SurveyCircle.
  5. All the points you earn by redeeming Survey Codes will instantly be credited to the Survey Manager you selected in the first step.

Please note: The Supporter feature may only be used in accordance with our Basic Rules and Terms of Use. Violations of the rules will result in user accounts being blocked.