6 Tips for recruiting lots of participants

Take part in studies of other SurveyCircle members

We have designed the SurveyCircle platform in a way so that helping others in the community is rewarded by the community. In concrete terms, this means: the more often you participate in the studies of others, the more people will participate in your study.

The more willingness to help you show by participating in other studies, the higher your score and the better your position in the Survey Ranking will get. Since surveys with a higher ranking yield more reward points for participants, it is much more likely to gain lots of participants when your survey is high up in the Survey Ranking than when its positioned in the lower regions of the Survey Ranking.

Start collecting points early

We know that you have limited time to participate in other studies during your own data collection phase. Therefore, we recommend that you join SurveyCircle and start taking part in surveys as early as possible. By doing that you can collect valuable points even before your own data collection phase starts. When your survey is ready, it will then enter the Survey Ranking with a good position right from the start.

Let family and friends help you collect points

In order to collect as many points as possible on SurveyCircle, you can ask your family, friends or fellow students to join SurveyCircle as Research Enthusiasts and earn points for you. They can easily send you all the points they receive for their study participations. The feature to send points is available under "My Points" in the user accounts of Research Enthusiasts.

If you think that a study might be interesting to your family members or friends, simply click the share button to send the study to them via email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Your family members and friends can wait for you to send them interesting studies and then participate – without having to actively search for studies on their own. By the way: You can also share studies that are not only exciting but also promise lots of incentive points.

Offer additional incentives to your survey participants

To enhance the attractiveness of your study for potential participants, you can organize a raffle among all participants or donate a small amount of money to a charitable organization for each completed questionnaire. In the Survey Ranking, you can let everyone know if your survey includes a raffle and/or a donation.

SurveyCircle points are also a great incentive for participation in your survey. Therefore, we recommend posting your study on SurveyCircle as soon as it’s online. Join SurveyCircle as a Survey Manager now so you can start earning points right away

Post your survey on social media

After posting your study on SurveyCircle, we share your study on Twitter and Pinterest. In addition, you can share your study in our groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and also across your own network and in university groups.

To make your study stand out on social media, we recommend using our social media images in your posts. Your study will get more attention for sure!

You can also tag us with @SurveyCircle in your posts on social media and use the hashtag #surveycircle.

Increase your participant limit on SurveyCircle

At the moment, it is possible to recruit up to 100 participants per user account on SurveyCircle. For example, if you recruit 40 participants for your first study, you will have 60 participants left for further studies. In the future, we will offer options to upgrade the participant limit. If you are already interested in an upgrade today, please let us know.

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