6 Tips for posting your study on SurveyCircle

Choose a concise short title

The short title of your study is the first thing other SurveyCircle users will see from your study – both in the Survey Ranking and in our emails informing you about new studies. Therefore, you should phrase the short title in a way that allows others to see what your study is about as quickly as possible. You have 35 characters to put your survey topic in a nutshell.

Choose a good title

Be sure to phrase the title of your study in a way that allows others to understand what you are investigating in your study. It is best to describe the topic of your study as precisely as possible within the 70 characters that are available. This way, your study participants know what to expect – and at the same time you differentiate your study from studies of others with similar topics.

Please note that the title of your study is visible in the Survey Ranking only after opening the survey details. In the standard view of the Survey Ranking only the short title is visible (see above).

Example: Your study is about the impact of protein bar advertisements in the Instagram feed on the purchase intention for protein bars.

Good short title:
Instagram advertising for protein bars

Less good short title:
Advertising on social media

Good title:
Impact of Instagram ads on the purchase intention for protein bars

Less good title:
Social media advertising and its influence on purchase intentions

Tip: If you are uncertain about how to phrase your short title or title, feel free to get some inspiration from other studies in the Survey Ranking.

Select meaningful keywords

You can tag your study on SurveyCircle by adding keywords. Well-chosen keywords help others better understand to which area of research your study belongs. In addition, your study can be found more easily through relevant keywords – both by using the search bar in the Survey Ranking and on our social media channels.

Our recommendation: Use as many relevant keywords as possible. Try to choose keywords that match your study and that will help your study to be found in search. Of course, you can tag your university, your field of study, or your study program, too.

Please do not include information about raffles and the duration of your survey in the Title, Short Title or in the keywords. You can enter these data in input fields that are specially designed for this purpose.

Indicate the true duration of your survey

You should be as realistic as possible about the time required to fill out your survey. To find out the duration you can ask family and friends to measure the time while taking your survey.

Participating in your study should not take longer than stated by you. Otherwise, it can be frustrating for your participants and may result in a higher drop-out rate. If more than half of the participants claim that the duration you have indicated was not sufficient, the red clock icon will appear next to your survey in the Survey Ranking.

You can adjust the duration of your study at any time – even after the study has been published in the Survey Ranking.

Specify the target audience of your survey

You should specify your target audience as precisely as possible so that no one is screened out while participating in your study. Make sure to keep attributes in mind that may seem obvious to you, but that may not apply to all SurveyCircle users (e.g. owning an Instagram account, having knowledge of the series "Game of Thrones", or having a driver's license).

Insert the Survey Code as redemption link, too

In order to be able to publish your study in the Survey Ranking, you will receive a 16-digit code from us, the so-called Survey Code, which you need to insert on the very last page of your questionnaire. Your participants can copy the Survey Code from your questionnaire and redeem it on the SurveyCircle website to receive points for their participation in your study.

Additionally, we encourage you to insert the Survey Code as a "one-click redemption link" in your questionnaire. With that link your participants can be credited the points for their participation with a single click – which improves the usability of your survey for all members of the SurveyCircle community.

Note: If it’s not possible for you to insert your Survey Code into your questionnaire, let us know. There is a workaround that allows you to still join SurveyCircle and find survey participants.

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