The Basic Rules on SurveyCircle

Please take a moment to read our Basic Rules.

  • Rule #1: Fill out all questionnaires thoroughly and conscientiously.
  • Rule #2: Only participate in studies when you meet the participation criteria.
  • Rule #3: Assess the quality of studies objectively and in a differentiated way.
  • Rule #4: Redeem Survey Codes only if you have earned them in compliance with the rules.
  • Rule #5: Do not share Survey Codes with others.
  • Rule #6: Do not use multiple user accounts.
  • Rule #7: Do not let anyone participate in studies through your user account.
  • Rule #8: Do not use possible rule violations by others to your advantage.

SurveyCircle is based on honest mutual support. To protect this basic principle, we use quality assurance systems that enable us to reliably identify rule violations. Those who break the rules and thereby act at the expense of others will be excluded from the platform.